Crystal skulls

Crystal skulls

Crystal skulls are our passion since many years. On our homepage you can buy crystal skulls made from different minerals. Crystal skulls made from rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz and also crystal skull made from other minerals as agate, jasper, jet, tiger' eye or tourmaline. You can always find also some crystal skulls made from sugilite.

Some examples of our crystal skulls:

Beispiel1 Bronze skull pendant #5
18,00 €
Beispiel2 Crystal skull pendant clear quartz #638
12,00 €
Beispiel3 dragon skull rhodonite #1439
76,00 €
Beispiel4 Crystal skull fluorite #100
27,00 €
Beispiel5 Crystal skull agate #1385
210,00 €
Beispiel6 crystal skull sugilite #1487
1.820,00 €

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